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Sew Over It Chloe Coat Review – SewNeedy


I won’t go into great detail about this online coat sewing course because it has been reviewed in depth on Daphne.

I needed a coat for a Spring wedding in April. I wanted it to go with this lovely Francoise Dress, a Tilly and the Buttons patternIMG_0396

I decided I’d have the outfit as a matching two piece using this Viscose Linen mix, also from Sew Over It

I consider myself an enthusiastic beginner when it comes to sewing and I found the online course to be fairly straightforward, except for when I deviated from the pattern, more on that in a mo.

The coat needed to be the same length as the dress and as such I only did a 3 cm hem instead of the 5 cm, as instructed in the course. I cut the lining after making up the main fabric, so noted that I would need to lengthen it by 2 cm. I think the need for a 5cm hem is obviously for a reason because after making up the coat I had a rippled hem. Luckily the instagram sewing community, came to the rescue and after undoing the hem and sewing in horse braid it is now a nice crisp hem.

The only alteration I made was to curve the back seam in by a few centimetres. The change is subtle but I feel the coat now follows the contour of the back, rather than falling straight  down  (The middle picture is my basted, before alteration- apologies for poor lighting). Oh and I also did the adjustment for a full bust.

The pattern instructions state that you don’t need to add any fasteners. which is what I have done. I have found that because the coat isn’t truly edge to edge, the neckline does seem to flap about a bit. I will therefore be adding snap fasteners.


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