Rowan is my new Agnes

The Rowan pattern from Megan Nielsen was released a few weeks ago and after seeing it on The Foldline, I knew it had to be added to the sewing list.

Firstly, I have to say Tilly and the Buttons Agnes top has always been my go to pattern for jersey tops but this pattern comes with endless options, either as a bodysuit or t shirt with numerous necklines and sleeve lengths.  I should imagine the pattern could also be hacked, in the same way Agnes can, into a dress. So as a pattern, it’s great value.

I know you can get basic t shirts relatively cheap in ready to wear but frankly, where’s the fun in that!

Having already lived through bodysuit fashion of the nineties, I was a little apprehensive but thankfully  this pattern does not come with the horrendous high rise of that era.

I have already made 3 bodysuits;  one turtleneck long sleeve version and 2 short sleeve v neck versions. This was my first attempt at a v neck and the result is not too shabby, all credit to the excellent instructions.IMG_0447


Two fabrics came from Sew Over It and the third from Myfabrics. I felt that pink blush version is a little lightweight for this pattern and so I think I’ll stick to more medium weight jerseys for future makes, of which I know they’ll be many.

The bodysuit is great to wear with high waisted skirts and trousers. It’s a quick and easy make, that takes very little fabric, I think I managed to make these at just over a metre of fabric. Size wise, the pattern is true to my measurements and I found the v neck to be the perfect depth. The turtle neck is a good neat height but definitely needs a more robust knit than this lightweight jersey.IMG_0454




4 thoughts on “Rowan is my new Agnes

  1. I love the bodysuit idea. That WILL definitely complement high waisted skirts perfectly like you mentioned. I’m recently started on handmade garments for myself – as I’ve only mostly sewn for my kids. I’ll have to get my hands on this pattern because of its versatility… can’t ever go wrong with that!


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