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Something to keep the other half happy, to prove it’s not all about me!

My husband has searched for many years for waistcoats but being 199 cm tall has never found one long enough in the body.

Some months ago, as we had an invitation to a wedding,  I used the opportunity to actually make one for him. I was impressed that he was quite keen on the idea and trusted me to make him something to wear.

At Christmas I made a practice waistcoat in an Avoca plaid fabric from Fabworks with a mustard crepe from Sew Over It. I chose the Mr London waistcoat pattern  from SewLaDiDa Vintage, a 1930’s inspired design. The only alterations I made to the pattern were to add 2 inches to the body length. It turned out to be an excellent fit.

The eagle eyed may notice the silly mistake, I sewed the buttonholes on the wrong side. Lesson learnt, it was only ever meant to be a practice toile, it was still wearable and smart.

We had a trip to Goldhawk Road to find suitable fabrics for the wedding outfit version. We chose a lovely blue wool suiting and grey blue silk, along with a sapphire blue lining fabric.  The result, a waistcoat the other half was proud to wear. He looked fabulous and I have had several requests for more waistcoats, that should keep me busy!

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