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Sew Over It Kimono Jacket

I’m back! Well, kind of. It’s now nine weeks since I ruptured my Achilles and, as you’ll see, I’m wearing my big ol’ clodhopper boot. Two weeks until I see the consultant, and I can now mostly fully weight-bear in my boot and I’m *almost* walking without my crutches, so I can finally hobble around my sewing room – hurrah! It’s slow going and I’ll still have a long road to recovery once the boot’s off, but I’ve definitely got my SewMoJo back – YAY!

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling about that and crack on with my review of the Sew Over It Kimono Jacket…


I bought this beautiful fabric from Sew Over It quite a while ago and it’s since sold out. It’s sooooo pretty, but it’s chiffon, so it has a mind of its own and tends to fray quite a lot too, so although the pattern is really straightforward, I wouldn’t recommend making it from chiffon if you’re a beginner.

The body measurement chart puts me firmly in a size Small (10-12), but having checked the finished measurements I went with the XS (8-10). I measure 37,28,39 and it’s plenty big enough all over. The curve under the arms has more than enough room for a long sleeve tee, but not for anything thicker, which is fine as I’m only planning on wearing vest tops or tees underneath. I went with the shorter length as I felt it would suit my height better. (The longer one would probably look like a dressing gown on me, though there’s a thought for a future project…)

It comes together very quickly; under normal circumstances you could have this whizzed up in an afternoon, but it took me a couple of days, as I have to keep stopping to rest and elevate my leg. The sleeves are super-easy to sew on; there’s no easing, just a straight line either side to attach them, then another from the cuffs down the sides to the hem.


I decided to use French seams throughout, including on the neckband, as it gives a much neater finish, hiding all that fraying, and it makes the seams stronger. Sewing around the underarms was quite tricky, as it’s quite a tight curve, so I used lots of pins and took it slowly.  I’ve used French seams plenty of times before, but it still seems alien to first sew with the wrong sides together!


I machine-hemmed the sleeve cuffs and the hem – even though roll hemming chiffon is normally recommended  – as I feel that the row of stitching mirrors the neckband nicely and also adds a bit of weight and stability to the fabric. My hand-sewing isn’t the neatest and I usually only do it where it’s not going to be seen, so the only part I did by hand was slip-stitching the neckband on the inside.

Aaaaand, that’s all there is to it! Once my boot’s off and I can wear jeans again, it’ll work perfectly as a feminine touch to a simple jeans-and-cami outfit, but, for now, here I am wearing it with a denim skirt combo…


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