Pattern Reviews

My Ulimate Summer Dress and the Vaporetto version

I’ve loved Sew Over It’s ultimate shift dress for a couple of summers now and have made several sleeveless versions, always lined in the perfect nude rayon from Sew Over It

Using the lining makes for a much nicer dress which glides better over lumps and bumps and does somehow, help stop as much creasing with wear. Anyway I’ve made several versions of this dress including these summer day dresses. The perfect, or should I say Ultimate, casual dress for a warm day.

The dress itself is a really simple dress to make and ideal for a beginner.

So what do I mean by my ‘Vaporetto’ version. Well, a few weeks ago I spotted an amazing dress a lady was wearing on a Vaporetto, whilst I was on holiday in a Venice. The boat was full of the most beautiful people, all dressed up in gorgeous outfits, think they  must have been going to a wedding. I couldn’t help myself, I rather creepily had to take pictures to remind myself of this beauty. I pretended to be taking selfies!

I’ve since been obsessing about the dress wondering how I could make my own version. Well I’ve only gone and done it and in ‘my opinion’, smashed it! I love the result. The fabric is a viscose linen’ again from Sew Over It ( lined in rayon),  and I’ve used 6cm wide cotton lace from a EBay

Hope you like my version.

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