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Sew Over It Coco Jacket – #Daphne

The long-awaited, much-anticipated, and considerably-coveted Coco Jacket pattern just had to be mine as soon as it was pre-released as part of the Sew Over It PDF Club!

My decision on fabric was an easy one… it’s classic Chanel-esque in ‘my’ colours. It’s also from Sew Over It, but I’ve just checked and it looks like it’s now out of stock. My lining is a hot pink acetate from my stash.

I think this blog post is going to be a fairly short one, as this make was extremely quick and straight-forward. There are only four pattern pieces, plus the same for the lining.

I decided to make the lining first, so that I could check the fit – I’d rather risk wasting a bit of lining than my wool, and I’m far too impatient to make a muslin! I made the size 10 with no adjustments, other than to make the upper half of the sleeve seams 1cm instead of 1.5cm, just to allow a bit of room for my upper arms, as Lisa had mentioned that the sleeves can come up a bit snug. Everything went together easily and the fit seemed pretty much spot on.


So I went straight on to cutting the wool out (I’d already given it a good steaming rather than washing it or sending it off to be dry-cleaned – I’ve already mentioned I’m impatient, haven’t I?!) and I interfaced all of the pieces with SOI Tailoring Interfacing – it’s lovely and soft so doesn’t spoil the feel of the wool.

The fabric was a joy to work with, although hubby got a bit cross with me trailing threads all around the house! It eased in at the seams without a glitch and, although the gathering stitches at the sleeve heads snapped when I pulled on them, I simply used loads of pins instead and hey presto! No puckers, or pulls, or misalignments.


The fabric was also a dream to press. It did exactly what I wanted it to and the seams stayed flat where I’d ironed them, without springing back up, and yet the fibres don’t look squashed at all. Sorry, not quite sure how to explain that, but let’s just say it’s great!


Attaching the lining and turning the coat through was a cinch and happened so quickly that I forgot to take any photos of that stage!

The only slight niggle, maybe, about the finished jacket is that it doesn’t have a front fastening, so tends to slide open rather than sitting edge-to-edge, but I think that’s a combination of my slippery lining fabric and large bust. If and when I make another, I might consider adding a zip, as Heather’s done fabulously here. That said, it is the nature of the Chanel style, so it doesn’t really bother me too much.

So that’s it really; this is a great little jacket for the autumn that I think even an ambitious beginner could tackle, as long as they choose their fabric well. All that’s left is to show you some photos of it ‘in action’…

(For info: I’m wearing it with a Tilly and the Buttons Agnes Top and my Mia Jeans from the Sew Over It City Break eBook, which I blogged about here previously. I do love a completely me-made outfit!)

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