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The Perfect Spring Dress

La Maison Victor – Lora Dress Review

I’ve been on the look-out for a new pattern for a jersey dress. Whilst I love my Sew Over It Molly and Heather Dresses, I wanted something with a seam at the waist, as well as bust and waist darts to give it all a bit more shape and a more fitted look – something along the lines of the Joules Daylia Jersey Dress.  So I turned to the wonderful community on The Fold Line’s Facebook page and the very first suggestion – the Lora Dress from La Maison Victor – was EXACTLY what I’d been looking for!

It’s a pretty easy make, despite the written instructions being in Dutch! Thankfully the illustrations are decent and there’s also a sew-along video which is in English.

I bought this gorgeous Grey Blossom Modal Jersey from the lovely Cheryl at Stitchy Bee. The fabric feels amazingly soft against the skin as it’s a loop-back jersey, plus it’s got a decent amount of weight – not as heavy as ponte, but not thin or flimsy – and so is perfect for the spring.


As this is a pattern company I haven’t come across before I made a toile with some cheaper crepe jersey fabric from Fabworks that I’ve had in my stash for a while, just to check the fit, but it’s turned out brilliantly and I’ll no doubt be wearing both of them equally as much!

One important note to mention is that the pattern doesn’t include seam allowances, so you have to trace the pattern and add them on: 1cm all around, apart from the centre front of the bodice and skirt where they’re cut on the fold, and the hems are an additional 4cm. It’s the first time I’ve had to do that on a pattern, but I quite enjoyed the process.

It’s not in the instructions, but I added stay tape to the shoulder seams and pocket edges to stop things stretching out.

As per the size chart, I made a size 38, graded to a 36 at the waist, and the fit’s excellent, although I made a couple of minor adjustments. The illustrations have the pleats folding out towards the sides, but I made them fold in towards the centre front, as I prefer them like that. And I then moved the pleats towards the centre front, as I discovered that the folds would’ve sat right underneath the pockets and added a bit of bulk there.


The pockets didn’t seem to be very deep, so I added about 5cm to the length of them. I put the sleeves in on the flat, as I find that much easier when working with jersey.

I needed to grade the hips in a couple of cms each side as they were a bit ‘sticky-outy’ and I took the centre back in at waist level for my sway back. I didn’t bother with a zip, as there’s enough stretch to my fabrics. I quite fancy making a sleeveless one from some stretch denim for the summer, but I would add a zip to that. (Edit: I made one! Click here to see it)


(That photo’s deliberately on its side, by the way!)

At the end, I stitched the neck facing down to stop it flapping around.


And that’s it. I love the fit – it’s really flattering the way it curves in under my bust and the pleats in the skirt hide any tummy bulges!

Here are some photos of both dresses, toile first…





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