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Where it all started… The Great British Sewing Bee and my Drape Drape 2 Asymmetric Top

This particular top is where my sewing journey began…

Back in 2014, for some unknown reason, I got into The Great British Sewing Bee, (series 3). I’d never sewn previously, other than the odd button, and I had no interest in making clothes, knew nothing about patterns or markings, darts or pleats, bias binding or hemming; none of it made much sense to me! But I loved it all the same and found it fascinating watching there contestants turn flat pieces of fabric into something 3D that’s actually wearable (well, most of it was!).

When it came to the final, the three contestants were given a pattern with only very basic written instructions and no diagrams to follow. It was just one piece of fabric in a weird shape, plus a thin neckband/facing.


Lorna (who’s since sadly passed away) chose an amazing magenta fabric for hers and, by the time they’d all finished what turned out to be gorgeous drapey asymmetric tops, I knew I wanted to make my own!


SO, come the new year, I found a local lady who teaches sewing and had three lessons with her, where I made two skirts – TWO SKIRTS! THAT FITTED! AND LOOKED PRETTY GOOD TOO! (Anyone would think I liked pink! 😉 )


I was hooked and carried on sewing, making a couple of skirts, tops, and dresses, but that Sewing Bee top was still nagging at me. I found out which pattern it was – The Asymmetric Top from the Japanese book Drape Drape 2 – but, as I didn’t want to buy the whole book, I eventually borrowed it from the library after several months of waiting (others obviously had the same idea as me!) and traced it out and made it.


I’ve always wanted to make another, as it’s so lovely to wear, so now I have! I bought this gorgeous floral slinky jersey from Fabric Godmother a few weeks ago (doesn’t look like she’s got it anymore) but any jersey with plenty of drape is perfect.

It looks complicated because of the shape, but it’s actually a really quick and easy make – you basically fold it in half, join one sleeve/shoulder, add the neckband and turn it inside so it’s a facing, join the other shoulder, sew the side seam, and hem.

This second one took me about an hour all in!

Has anyone else made this top? Or been inspired by The Sewing Bee? Or had that ‘one’ item that got them into sewing?

By the way, I’ve made some other items recently and I’m adding them to Instagram as I wear them… Click here to follow me.

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