About us


251aa69a-3c2f-4d30-8718-d53ab95b5d5cPatricia – My interests include floristry, travel, cooking, gardening, renovations, family and then of course my passion for sewing.

I learnt to sew as a child, at school (perhaps those nuns did teach me something useful after all). I then dabbled in sewing a bit after getting a sewing machine from my parents for my 21st birthday. For one reason or another, mainly a lack of vision, I didn’t really get the sewing ‘bug’ until a few years ago, spurred on by the BBC Sewing Bee and a friend’s wonderful makes (#Daphne).  The internet and social media have really helped me overcome issues regarding my lack of vision.

Whilst I do occasionally use patterns from the main brands, I often find that I have issues with getting the size right and the lack of instructions. My favourite Indie patterns are from Megan Nielsen, Itch to Stitch, Jennifer Lauren Handmade, Deer and Doe, Nina Lee London and  Tilly and the Buttons.

A huge part of our life currently revolves around the renovation of our beautiful house.

We both grew up in the Midlands but in late 2017 we decided it was time to up sticks and move to the Countryside in West Cornwall. It’s been quite a change for us city folk!

Mainly, this blog is a way for us to keep track of things we do involving our interests.

In relation to our property ‘project’ it will hopefully chronicle the improvements, the problems we will have and have already inevitably encountered but more importantly what we do about them. (Usually this involves going out in the garden and try to ignore them). Despite the works required it’s a truly magical property and we are loving village life.

We are trying to undertake all works on a very tight budget, so this involves a lot of creativity, recycling and marketplace shopping.

Peter- I’m the other half of this blog, we have very similar interests except for sewing of course. My passions are most definitely gardening, closely followed by my Aquariums, travel and walking around Cornwall.  I am so looking forward to developing our new garden; it has come a long way since 2017, but there is still so much to do.

I have two 120 litre community fish tanks, which are still being developed. As we have had issues with our electrics here, I’m reluctant to add more plants and fish until this issue is sorted.

Another interest of mine is history and every opportunity I get, I’ll read, visit and speak about historical interests. I have found the local history group and various topics covered about Cornwall very informative.  I am a volunteer at Pendennis Castle an English Heritage site, this allows me to walk and talk many visitors to the site through 500+ years of British History.